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For any platform a perfect AIFA solution

AIFA was created with speed in mind. We call it the "Meeting Killer" because of its speed and efficiency.

Why AIFA AI Assistant
Decision-making, process, and collaboration speed will determine the nature of company in the future. To find out what was holding organizations behind, we began studying them. We also looked inside the technology to see what could be modified to advance businesses.
Three solid Reasons

Data are not according to demand, have friction, issue of connectivity

Data is what empowers business

Delayed Data analysis

If Your present software is rigid and expensive to change, and it requires “experts” to operate. It effects efficiency of your business because of the following bottlenecks.

Not On Demand

Because most systems today are difficult for amateurs to use and incapable of handling simple searches

Excessive friction

Because most systems today require some level of skill, using, updating, and reporting data results in significant resource expenditures.

Disconnected Ecosystem

Because even completely integrated internal application ecosystems typically demand expensive resources and specialised knowledge.

Imagine being able to awaken in the near future.
AI assistant can prepare answers to your inquiries after indexing the data in your systems.AI Assistant are equipped with these qualities.

On Demand
AI Assistant provides quick access to data, reporting and updating of system

Reducing the effort required to use organizational software

Connected Ecosystem
It incorporates into your current systems easily and it is mobile-friendly.

Our software assists you by

Responding to voice requests naturally or by typing

Providing any item, you search for in your system(s) will be presented to you in an organised manner

Commanding it to carry out complex data analysis, including ratio and data structure

Creating reports in graphs and charts immediately

Scheduling single or recurring reports and tasks quickly

Ordering automatic processes such as export to Excel, email, or disable user access.

Focus AIFA platform Benefits
Now, you can use voice search or just type to access, manage, and report on the data in your system from any device. goodbye to the UI Say no to training, please

How does it function?

The Focus team will work with yours to develop a strategy.

Your systems and databases will be integrated with our platform.

Similar to an AI "brain," index the data and classify it.

Customize both standard and custom search features using voice and text input.

Create pre-made and customised reports

Out-of-the-box configuration and client computational analysis, such as Debt to Capital Ratio or Inventory of an Item by Location

Create routine and ad-hoc actions, such as emailing someone or exporting data to an Excel file, that can be done automatically.

Every day, almost 25 million meetings take place. Getting data, reporting on data, updating data, and receiving training on how to utilise systems are likely topics in many of those sessions.
Asking for information, setting up meetings, following up on meetings, and other email-related tasks take up more than three hours every day on average.

Managers are said to spend between 30 and 60 percent of their time in coordination meetings and 40 percent of their time producing reports.

Through this AI platform, you may decrease the requirement for a vast army of back-office workers while also increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of resources, or “systems experts.”

View your options, and if efficiency, productivity, and a reduction in resource waste are important considerations, contact us.

Are you prepared to reinvent your company for the digital age? Request additional information or schedule a demonstration.

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