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Focus eRMS

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Digital demands for the hospitality industry continues to grow year after year. But for many in management, hospitality has rarely been about digital transformation. For hotel managers and owners it’s been providing good service to guests. And for restaurant owners, quality food that brings people together. Focus e-RMS makes your life easier by providing solutions that move your digital transformation while you can focus on what’s important, your core business.

One of the best ERP companies in over 18 countries.

It is both an on-premises programme and a Cloud-based service. It is designed to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, food joints and other hospitality businesses.


Display system for kitchen
Recipe Management system
User Authorization system
Table Management system
Purchase Orders system
Inventory Management system
Customer Loyalty
Smart Pricing


Order processing for takeout and delivery

POS Mobility
Daily tasks Documentation
Check-in/Check out reporting
Modifiable price structures
(by location, time, specific customer)
Tailored integration with 3rd party apps
Mobile Friendly
Focus eRMS is mobile-friendly, including a tablet, for anything from taking reservations to paying bills.
Trustworthy and Safe
Focus eRMS guarantees security and simplifies operational control with features like multi-tiered security, robust reporting, and user verification.
Dynamic Use Cases
Focus e-RMS offers convenient payment choices, branch requisitions, and reorders based on auto-indenting, improved data synchronisation, multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-location capabilities. Focus e-RMS makes it simple to keep customers happy by facilitating them by receiving and responding to comments on home-delivered goods, monitoring when those goods will be delivered, selling gift vouchers, administering discounts, running promotions, and rewarding loyal customers.
  • Focus e-RMS is the ideal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for hotel managers and owners because it gives businesses all the tools they need to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the hospitality sector.
  • Focus e-RMS is an excellent POS system because of its straightforward design, user-friendliness, and dependable performance.
  • We will assist you in simplifying your hospitality management processes, regardless matter whether your hotel or restaurant is a standalone establishment or part of a larger chain operating throughout the country.

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ERP-powered FOCUS e-RMS Software
Cloud enterprise resource planning is driven by AI and speech recognition, has built-in security measures, is mobile-ready, and is simple to install. In-build CMS is the management of prospects, customers, and processes. It automates back-office, financial, human resources, and other administrative tasks by AI bots and machine learning engines.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS” Application Category: “Business”
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