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The Best AIFA Digital Access

SharpBrains provides AI intelligence assistant that responds to typing or natural voice requests. Quick data analysis, reports in graphs, and charts are features that help in boosting your business.

Data security and access to the systems where that data is stored are crucial. Additionally, it’s critical to avoid making it too hard for your own personnel to get access. A CISO’s access toolkit has been created for their users and internal reporting.
Now, you may limit security concerns and get security reports without burdening your users with additional hoops to pass through.
Feature of The Best AIFA Digital Access

Quick 5 Layered Enterprise Security

Allowing access to their corporate systems, such as ERPs, EHRs, WMS, MRP, CRMs, and almost any application with an API, firms may add five levels of protection with AIFA Digital Access.

Facial and fingerprint recognition using biometrics

Enterprise apps may be accessed without signing in by using facial recognition and fingerprint recognition. For your access control, choose either both, one, or none.

Global IP Tracking Control Database

Data about millions of IPs from across the globe is available. You will also be able to manage which IP addresses are permitted access to the system when someone signs in. IP information may also be used to assess the danger level.

Device Monitoring

Additionally, Focus Digital Access has access to information from millions of devices all around the globe. Devices may be restricted and monitored to prevent dangers.

Machine Learning

Focus In order to analyse use, anticipate potential dangers, and provide administrators and users insight on threats, AIFA machine learning will monitor access data connected to this data.

Control of Access Monitoring

Users may be given access to mobile applications to disable system access during off-peak times or while they are away, or to see login activity and get notifications when someone logs in.

Benefits of the Security control of the software
With these security controls you will give your organization

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AIFA Digital Access
Before granting access to key corporate systems, such as ERPs, EHRs, WMS, MRP, CRMs, and more, firms may add five levels of protection with AIFA Digital Access.
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS
Application Category: “Business”, “ERP”, “Accounting”, “Artificial Intelligence”
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