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Fully customised Centra CRM for your business needs

Centra CRM by ShrapBrains helps you improve customer relationships, Increase efficiency, Better decision-making, and Enhance collaboration because it is customisable to fit the unique needs of an organisation.
Centra CRM’s lead-to-cash processes let users transform leads and opportunities into revenue-generating clients. Sales operations can benefit from insights. The cloud CRM software platform allows business owners to assess, plan, develop, and deploy marketing, sales, and service activities.
Custom CRM Benefits
Better customer relations
Tracking and managing client interactions help organisations understand customers’ wants and preferences, which can strengthen customer relationships and trust.
Better decisions
Centra CRM’s analytics and reporting tools can inform corporate decisions based on customer behaviour and performance.
Better collaboration
Centra CRM helps departments collaborate by sharing customer data and communication.
Custom CRM Features
1. Security
Roles, permissions, sales team hierarchy, and territory management improve operations.
2. Sales Forecast
Predict sales over time
3. 360-degree Customer View
Complete overview of a customer by one-click
4. Marketing campaigns
Leads-driven marketing campaign
5. Campaign analytics
In-depth tracking of a campaign for actionable insights
6. Tracking of SLA performance for service calls
Smart tools to manage contracts, schedules, requests, services and assets
CRM Modules
  • Service Request
  • Attach multiple documents of your customer by item and Transaction
  • Enquiry and Quote Management
  • Managing Consignment Sales
  • Order Management
  • Pricing, contract management and master data management
  • Campaigns
  • Backward and Forward scheduling Manufacturing & Resource Planning
  • Batch wise analysis
  • Capacity Utilisation Vs Production Target Analysis
  • Define Calendars, Capacities, Work Centres, Bills of materials, and Routes
  • Accounts management
  • Asset Acquisition and Flexi fields in Master Creation
  • Asset creation with Flexi fields
  • Auto depreciation posting
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Leads and opportunity tracking
  • BOQ Vs Actual
  • Budgeting and Analysis by Labour, Material, Overhead etc.
  • Creation of Phases for each Project
  • Option to capture project-related cost
  • Profit Analysis by project
  1. Contacts
  • QC Requisition
  • Quantity Breakups for sampling
  • Rule definition for testing
  • Sample and Total Test
  1. Reports and forecasting
  • Alternate/Substitute Item Management
  • Default Sales and Purchase unit by product
  • Inventory Reservations
  • Inventory Tracking and Transfers
  • Product profiling
  1. Security and user authorisation
  • Bin Management
  • Billing Module
  • Inward receiving process
  • Masters
  1. Quotations and invoice Generation
  • Auto Replenishment
  • Day End process
  • Discount Management & Multi-level user security and approvals
  • Membership, Loyalty programs, Rewards and Gift Cards
  • Pricing by outlet