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ERP Distribution Software by SharpBrains

Distributors experience various issues due to the market's ongoing technical development and shifting consumer preferences. The solution to addressing issues and setting firms on the path to success is integrated ERP solutions.

With fewer resources, how can you defeat the irresistible force upending the distribution industry?
You’re here to succeed. You may outperform your competitors in terms of execution speed and being leaner than them. Distributors need to leverage their smaller size and real-time information to be proactive, rapid, and methodical while staying within budget now more than ever. For its cloud-based solutions, Sharp Brains focuses on three vital must-have features:

Quick implementation using no-code, drag-and-drop adjustments


Thousands of pre-built connectors plus simple new integration utilising RESTful API


Reasonably priced solutions provide outstanding value and increase productivity through precise automation.

Deep Shopify integration
Utilise Shopify’s highly integrated Focus 9 to automate reporting, finances, and inventory. Supply-chain management with AI: Better than ERP. In addition to AI reports, three robust automation features. Save time by automating the generation of products and price control. You can handle all product updates at once and send them straight into Shopify with Focus 9.
38,000 customers depend on Focus to optimize their supply chain.
and more..
Focus can power a part of your organization or be the Platform that runs your entire business
Distribution Software Solutions
Focus 9
Focus 9 is the ideal ERP programme for streamlining and safeguarding your distribution company’s future with real-time data.
You can integrate, automate, and modify your information on a single platform. Because of its strong speech and text-based AI, industry-ready templates, and drag-and-drop customisation, Focus 9 can be implemented quickly.
With the power of Sharp Brains Distribution CRM, you can turn leads and opportunities into clients who will pay you revenue. You can quickly optimise your process with our distribution customer management system by creating stronger relationships with consumers and increasing return on investment.
Focus WMS
One of the leading causes of a distribution company’s failure is improperly recorded warehouse management. Reduce order processing time, increase responsiveness, and assure optimal resource use by integrating Focus Sharp Brains with your ERP system.
Experience the difference between a cloud-based, AI-enabled warehouse management software that can provide you with historical and current detailed information that can be used for strategic planning, inventory accuracy, and greater customer happiness.
ERP Software for Distribution
With advanced security features, mobile functionality, and ease of implementation, cloud ERP is powered by AI and voice. Manage prospects, customers, and workflows using CRM. Focus Machine learning algorithms and AI bots can automate various administrative tasks, including back-office, finance, human resources, and customer care.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS” Application Category: “Business”
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