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Post-Modern Manufacturing ERP Software

Our ERP solution helps manage and optimise all processes in one system. It provides real-time visibility into orders, materials, production, and delivery. This can boost efficiency, cut waste, and boost the profits of your manufacturing business.

Get an up-to-date, reliable system that uses efficient and integrated solutions for timely information, strategic decision-making, and optimum cost savings to manage your manufacturing business.

Manufacturing companies need a fast, precise way to track supply chain success because they’re constantly changing. Losing track means losing ground in the marketplace.

How can you stay on top?

Play faster and leaner with Our ERP Solution because Real-time insights let manufacturers be proactive, fast, and systematic while staying on budget.


Fast drag-and-drop customizations


Thousands of pre-built integrations + simple RESTful AP integration


Affordable automation solutions that boost productivity

Sharp Brains offers the best ERP for manufacturing to assist manufacturers in getting supply chain visibility and system-wide transparency.

Designed to accommodate diverse manufacturing strategies, these solutions are comprehensive and purpose-built. The latest technology guarantees efficiency, process integration, and agility.

Customer management in manufacturing may make or kill a corporation. Sharp Brain’s manufacturing ERP software helps organisations define their brand and establish client loyalty through consumer-inspired user experience.

Do you want thorough insights into your business operations with complete, accurate, and up-to-date data to make timely decisions?

Solutions for Industrial Production
Focus MRP
Focus MRP, an AI-driven ERP manufacturing software, streamlines corporate processes and boosts profit.
This comprehensive industrial ERP can help businesses meet client demand and increase markets. It tracks, measures, and monitors the entire production process, from raw materials to finished goods.
A single data management platform is the most efficient and beneficial.

Focus 9

Focus 9 optimises and future-proofs manufacturing businesses with real-time information. Focus 9 wastes no time or space, unlike other ERP applications.

This platform integrates, automates, and customises all your data. Focus 9 converts data into a web-based architecture using industry-ready templates. Focus 9 can integrate CRM and WMS applications, so you always operate on one platform.

Are you ready to streamline your data and workload?

A Case Study of ERP’s Success in the Manufacturing Sector from One of Our Most Valuable Customers
ERP for Manufacturing Industry
Manage your manufacturing business by acquiring an up-to-date and reliable system that uses efficient and integrated solutions for timely information, strategic decision-making, and maximum cost savings: AI and voice-powered cloud ERP embedded with advanced security features, mobile capabilities and easy to implement. CRM – manage leads, customers and workflows. Focus AI bots and machine learning engines can automate customer service, back-office, finance, HR, and administrative operations.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS” Application Category: “Business”, “ERP”, “Enterprise”
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