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All-in-one ERP Solution

Focus 9 is an end-to-end business management solution combined with intelligent data handling. Equipped with advance features. Focus9 helps in ease of business processes and operations. Its centralized data structure facilitates in tracking and managing the processes better resulting in quick and informed decision-making.
Focus 9 received five awards by Software Suggest for User’s ChoiceCustomer’s ChoiceBest Usability & Most Affordable Software in 2020
Why Focus 9
Focus 9 is a delight for management and users, as it  provides integrated platform for Finance, Inventory, Assets, POS, Distribution, Manufacturing & CRM. Supported by no-code customization tools, it can be curated for process standardization, integrations, screen to field level security, soft alerts and ready-to-use industry-specific templates. Focus 9 provides cross-functional workflows and user-centric dashboards to accelerate and automate your business flow. In the fast-paced global economy, leaders are the companies with a solid database because data is a game-changer in the present world. Sharp Brains’ ERP solution empowers you by providing a securely structured and seamlessly integrated and multi-level customized business solutions built on robust and intelligent engine. Focus 9 ERP serves as a multi-dimensional ERP platform available in-premise & on-cloud supported by highly qualified teams for quick deployment and service. Advanced and multilevel data security is another desirable feature of our ERP software. It is based on face, voice, and hands touch security systems. User-centric Customized modules make Focus 9 a user-friendly ERP solution. You need Focus 9 if you’re facing
  • High manual interference
  • Lack of alerts and authorizations
  • Inaccurate billing
  • Struggling Order & Distribution process
  • Scattered departmental data silos
  • Poor/Limited reporting
  • Isolated applications
  • Disrupted business workflow
  • Low Security
Focus 9 Modules
Focus 9 ERP solution integrates customized and user-centric modules per an industry’s requirement.

✓ SBU Accounting ✓ Advanced Reporting ✓ Automatic traction (Inter and Intra) ✓ Controlled Budgetary system ✓ Advance Credit Management System

✓ Alternative item management ✓ Inventory Reservations ✓ Tracking and Transfers ✓ Default Product based units ✓ Product Attributes ✓ Multi Warehouse

✓Vender documents management ✓Consignment management ✓Return, Rejection and Replacement Management ✓Advance payment management

✓ Account specific credit terms ✓ Automatic interest calculations ✓ Customer appraisal system ✓ Finance Glossary

✓ Multiple document attachments of customers ✓ Enquiry and Quote Management ✓ Sales Consignment management ✓ Management of Oder ✓ Pricing, contact and data management

✓ Requisition of Quality Control ✓ Sampling Quantity Breakups ✓ Testing Definition ✓ Sample and Total Test

✓ Scheduling Manufacturing & Resource Planning (Backward and Forward) ✓ Batch based analysis ✓ Capacity Utilization Vs Production Target Analysis ✓ Clarification of calendars, capacities, material bills and Routines

✓ Actual vs BOQ ✓ Labour and Material based budgeting and analysis ✓ Multiple phases for each project ✓ Project price plans ✓ Project Profit analysis

✓ Checklist creation ✓ Check-In & Check-Out management ✓ Auto depreciation of posting ✓ Maintenance of assets

✓ Management of bin ✓ Modules of Billing ✓ Advanced Billing Management ✓ Efficient Labor Management

✓ Automatic Replenishment ✓ Day End process ✓ Discount Management ✓ Multilevel user security ✓ Membership, Rewards and Gift Cards and Loyalty programs ✓ Pricing by outlet

✓ Recruitment and Onboarding ✓ Employee Management and benefits ✓ Performance Appraisal Systems ✓ Management of Transfers

Promising Benefits of Focus 9

Organization-wide Collaboration

You get one-stop inter-team data sharing to ensure safe, secure and efficient data sharing. Focus 9 reduces friction among departments and creates synergy to work in one flow.

Smooth Business Workflows

Focus 9 provides a cross-functional workflow to manage multiple business operations and processes with a single sign-in and one-premise application. It will help you monitor results consistently and foresee required changes and forecast accurately

Maximizes Business Productivity

Industry-ready templates, dynamic and user-specific dashboards, and accurate reporting maximize business productivity by removing chaos and confusion.

Modular Benefits

Dynamic and User specific Dashboards

Bring your customers and vendors into the fold by creating their own logins and dashboards under one roof. Now they can view invoices, bills, and upcoming payments from a single source of information.

Multi-level customized workflow

Focus 9 lets you customize your workflows easily using our drag-and-drop framework. Now you can make in-depth workflows for every process in your department faster than ever.

All-in-one Solution

From quotation analysis to built-in warehousing to tracking by batch and serial number, Focus 9 integrates seamlessly, working with you at every step of the way.

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Whether it is a Supermarket, Multi-brand outlet, lifestyle stores, Hypermarket, Fast food or Boutique store; Focus POS is the best POS system for any retail business.

Success Stories

Focus 9 – AI Powered ERP Software

AI and voice powered cloud ERP embedded with advanced security features, mobile capabilities and easy to implement. CRM – manage leads, customers and workflows. Focus AI bots and machine learning engines can automate customer service, back-office, finance, HR and many administrative operations.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS”
Application Category: “Business”, “ERP”, “Enterprise”

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