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Present-day Real Estate and Construction Software

SharpBrains provides feature-rich cloud-based Real Estate management software. We offer tools for project management, Financial management, supply chain management, field management and equipment management software.

After all, connectivity— who can reach the consumer first—is what the real estate sector aims for.

How can I manage many tasks in a short amount of time? A centralised ERP platform that supports your goals rather than undermines them.

Sharp Brains offers technology-based real estate software solutions with specific modules to control every transaction stage from start to finish. The solutions maintain the efficiency and profitability of all parts of the real estate industry, from finding clients and renters to producing financial reports.

Sharp Brains is dedicated to providing three essential components of successful cloud-based services.
  • Thousands of pre-built connections and simple new connections through RESTful API
  • Inexpensive options that provide outstanding value and boost productivity via precise automation
  • Quick implementation thanks to code-free, drag-and-drop modifications
Our real estate ERP systems cover all operational, financial, and business intelligence objectives. Real estate companies need quick, accurate, and complete data to conclude transactions.
Sharp Brains’ custom real estate ERP software has several advantages for your organisation.
  • Provide real-time data efficiently.
  • High-tech technologies eliminate guesswork.
  • Easy-to-use smart reports allow owners to respond swiftly and address property management difficulties.
  • With precise reporting, track cash flow, expenses, and profit.
  • Improve project renovations, repairs, and upgrades while meeting deadlines and budgets.

Property and Construction Solutions

Centra CRM
Sharpbrains ensures an effective Centra CRM to help organisations enhance customer interactions. Sharp Brains’ Real Estate CRM instantly delivers actionable business resources and customises and understands all your business enquiries by developing software for Contact management, Lead and opportunity tracking, Task and calendar management, Email and communication Tracking, and Reporting and analytics. With this real estate customer management system, you’ll rapidly increase client interactions and ROI.
Focus 9

All the big names outperform their competitors using real estate management software. Focus 9 is the best ERP software for improving and future-proofing your real estate firm with real-time data. Focus 9 eliminates errors and saves time and money.

Integrate, automate, and modify all your information on one platform. Focus 9 provides industry-ready templates and converts data into a web-based infrastructure. This industry’s enterprises can only outperform the competition if they have comprehensive, multi-capability ERP software that can be adapted to their needs for planning, execution, costing, compliance, and cash flow visibility.

Are you ready to improve your company with cutting-edge ERP for Real Estate software? Today!
SharpBrains Real Restate ERP
Your firm may benefit from Sharp Brains’ ERP for Real Estate software. AI-powered cloud ERP with mobile and sophisticated security features. Manage prospects, customers, and processes using CRM. Focus Customer care, back-office, finance, HR, and many administrative tasks may be automated by AI bots and machine learning engines.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS” Application Category: “Business”
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