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Predictive Business Intelligence AIFA solution

To assist businesses in making more data-driven choices,Sharpbrain's BI integrates business analytics, data mining, data visualisation, data tools and infrastructure, and industry standards.

Sharpbrain’s aims to reduce the bars for all areas of a company.
Additionally, AIFA Predictive BI was created to make reporting not only simple but intelligently predictive as well.
Benefits of BI
AIFA Predictive Business Intelligence (PBI) is a business intelligence tool that makes predictions about potential outcomes or trends using data analytics and machine learning methods. Its helps in multiple way to boost your business.
BI Automation Capabilities
Intelligently Predictive
You may create reports, but they should serve as a guide rather than a record of events. With our platform, you can look back at the past and apply machine learning to forecast the future using both own data and other data sources.
Automation of Data Structure
Gather both organised and unstructured data, then automatically organise it according to your requirements.
Automated Prediction
To manage promotions and optimise inventories, configure predictive analytics rules, and the system will begin generating forecasts based on previous data.
The system may immediately notify you to risk or opportunity data without waiting for an event or time period.
Opportunity Automation
Opportunity parameters will automatically monitor potential and inform you.
Integrated RPA
Integrate and automatically deliver actionable data to connected ERP, CRM, or other apps to take action.
AI Voice and Natural Search
Use voice and natural type search for instant information and reporting.
Email & Calendar Integrations
G Suite and Office 365 compatible.
Out of the Box Integrations
Pre-built thousands of Zapier connectors
Intelligence For All
It ‘s not necessary to have a degree or specialised training to possess corporate information intelligence. AIFA was established in order to increase accessibility and commercial efficiency. For this reason, we designed it to be simple to set up, use, and automate. We think our work is complete if we can simplify something to the point that a child can understand it. With AIFA Preditive BI, you can automate analytics on Assets, Financials, Customers, People, Time, Fuel, Risk, IoT, and many other aspects of your business.
Because built-in apps are mobile responsive and allow for the creation of unique mobile applications, you may access your analytics, reports, and workflows from your phone.
Scalable BI Data Lakes
To optimise organization-wide data sets, AIFA is best suited for setting up and reporting on top of Data Lakes. AIFA can accept and interpret data that is either unstructured or structured. Numerous interfaces are available out of the box, ensuring interoperability with existing apps to save process duplication. Focus AIFA employs RESTful APIs, integrating with well-known apps is quick and easy.
AIFA is The Sharp Brains artificial intelligence platform
AIfA Predictive Business Intelligence
Focus The goal of AIFA was to assist reduce the standards for all areas of a business. Additionally, AIFA Predictive Business Intelligence was created to make reporting simple as well as intelligently predictive.
Application Category: “Business”, “ERP”, “Artificial Intelligence”
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