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Highly-resourceful MRP solution for Manufacturing Companies

Beat the chaos of Manufacturing

Why Focus MRP

The manufacturing industry requires an approach that allows the digitization of processes with rapid deployment, minimal expense, and scalability. Demand-driven material resources planning is continuously changing; therefore, a holistic view of data at the shop floor and store should be traceable accurately and in real-time. Focus MRP is the best-in-class suite for the manufacturing industry.

Sharp Brains, a leading software applications provider, has released cloud-based manufacturing management software, Focus MRP, which features cutting-edge technology to improve company operations. With Focus MRP’s flexible configuration options, help manufacturers plan with make-to-stock and make-to-order process in-sync with the stores, procurement & finance to keep a check on raw materials, supplier lead-times, labour and the production cost.


✓ Catalogue of Items ✓ Tools for Manufacturing/Production ✓ GUI-Based Routing ✓ Capacity Definitions for Work Center

✓ Lead Time Analysis ✓ Quotation Analysis ✓ Supplier Contract Management ✓ Material Requirement for Planned Orders and Forecast ✓ Planning for dependent and Independent Requirements

✓ Issues and Transfers to Production ✓ Variance Analysis ✓ Report on Restocking

✓ Integrated finance and Inventory ✓ Updated the Production Cost and overhead ✓ Better inventory control via integration with warehouse management ✓ IT management

✓ Rule definition for testing ✓ QC Requisition ✓ Sample and Total Test ✓ Test Approvals ✓ Quantity Breakups

✓ Job description for Machines or Assets ✓ Job Scheduling ✓ Maintenance Job Card ✓ Break down scheduling

✓ Tracking and management of assets ✓ Add and Remove Values or Components ✓ Capitalization of asset ✓ Transfer of asset ✓ Allows Conversion of asset

Key Benefits

Simple and Easy to Follow

Focus MRP's solution makes it simple to choose the Order/demand doc, move it through the system, and schedule production all in one go.


Discover which direct and indirect parts are required with the help of multi-level BOM support. Prepare for production delays in real-time by planning.

High-Quality Products

Maximise cost reductions while providing better service to your clients. User-defined tests and QC requisitions are only two examples of how Focus MRP improves your capacity for quality control.

Modular Benefits
Prepare for Stock Monitoring
Integrate your clients and suppliers by giving them access to a customer/vendor portal including personalised dashboards. Now they have a centralised location to examine all of their bills, invoices, and impending payments.
Customised Order Panning
With Focus 9, our drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to modify your processes to suit your needs. Complete workflow design for all departmental procedures is now easier and quicker than ever.
Timetable planning for forwards and Backwards
Focus 9 is adept in planning and deliverables, with forward and backward processing suitable to different industries.
Material and Cost Variance
Focus 9 works with you at every process stage, from quote analysis to built-in storage to batch and serial number monitoring.
Ask Questions
The robust nature of Focus MRP allows it to adapt to any manufacturer’s size and depth while integrating with its hierarchy and structure, not the other way around. Focus MRP assists manufacturing processes and achieve a greater degree of compliance and customer satisfaction – redefining your establishment’s operations. Interested in knowing more? Schedule a free demo today AI for Manufacturing Ask AIVA questions about ACME, a food manufacturer, .
AI Driven MRP – Manufacturing Resource Planning Software 

A Voice and AI Driven MRP – Manufacturing Resource Planning Software Ready to automate Discrete and Process Manufacturing with material and demand planning. Cloud MRP embedded with advanced security features, mobile capabilities and easy to implement. CRM – manage leads, customers and workflows. Focus AI bots and machine learning engines can automate customer service, back-office, finance, HR and many administrative operations.

Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS”

Application Category: “Business”

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