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Advanced Facilities and Asset Management software

If your company isn't using an Efficient ERP system for facilities and asset management, you're missing out.
  • Improved asset visibility
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Reduced costs
  • Better compliance

Benefits of AI-Powered Mobile and Desktop ERP solution for Facilities and Asset Management
Adopt direct support immediately
Provide a form for tenants and cleaners to fill out for inspection requests.
Create task lists
Work instructions are meant to be repeated, such as building walk-throughs, to coordinate preventative maintenance.
Execute reports
Keep an eye on which technicians maintain the most properties and which need to catch up.
Export reports to PDF
Keep digital copies rather than analogue ones. Make a printable PDF of any report.
Vendors Management
Make sure all vendor orders are created and tracked correctly. When purchase orders are processed, inventory and component management are automatically updated.
Integrated Communications
Alternative to radio communication based on a user-to-user messaging system with a persistent message log.
Notify updates to tenants about the repairs
Tenants of houses available for extended stays may now easily submit repair requests and monitor their progress in real-time.
Effortless Automation
Reduce the time you spend planning maintenance tasks and increase your time considering how to satisfy your customers better.

Things to consider while choosing an ERP for facilities and Asset management

  • Mobility

ERP must have high mobility features so that your system may have easy access and usability on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is useful for firms who need to access their ERP system remotely or on the go.

  • Simplified User Experience

Easy-to-use Facilities & Property Management Systems Maintenance employees should find viewing and closing work requests simple. Cleaning workers can submit maintenance requests easily.

  • Reports

Find out which maintenance workers deliver the most work orders. What needs the most work? To boost productivity and reduce damage costs, data is a must.

Easy Facility Management Software
  • Remove those cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • AI-powered facilities management software manages techs, assets, and inventories.
  • From your office, monitor facility assets and workers.
  • Reduces the use of paper


AI-Powered Facilities and Asset Management Solution

Asset Management AI-powered maintenance, Task lists, reports, vendors, integrated communications, Update tenants, Effortless Automation, and more.

Success Stories
Facilities and Asset Management Software 

Facilities and Asset Management AI Powered – Accept maintenance directly, Create task lists, Execute reports, Vendors Management, Integrated Communications, Notify updates to tenants, Effortless Automation and more.

Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS”

Application Category: “Business”

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