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Modernized Automotive Management Software

Businesses in the automotive industry can take advantage of several advantages offered by Sharpbrains automotive ERP systems, including increased productivity, better visibility, better customer service, improved cooperation, and increased profitability

Spare Parts Sales

Utilising integrated DMS features and ERP systems, maintaining inventory location and counts.

Workshop Management

Schedule routine maintenance, manage breakdowns and accidents, handle insurance claims, and more.

Rent a Car Services

Utilise Auto's leasing and rental management system to handle short-term and long-term car rentals.

Rapid change is still occurring in the automobile sector. As technology develops, the typical consumer anticipates quick satisfaction and shorter wait times for all customer service transactions. Whether your company manages automobile sales and dealerships, garage operations, car rentals and leasing, there are numerous moving components.
How would automotive ERP software help your business?

It’s simple for firms to become overwhelmed with all the necessary processes to running a successful automobile business, from ordering operations and generating sales to collecting costs and managing human resources.

Increasing efficiency and developing a strategy that keeps you one step ahead of your rivals.

Delivering three essential cloud-based solution requirements is the primary focus.

  • Thousands of pre-built connections and simple new connections through RESTful API
  • Inexpensive options that provide outstanding value and boost productivity via precise automation
  • Quick implementation thanks to code-free, drag-and-drop modifications
Sharp Brains offers the most effective ERP software options for your automotive business. The solutions are built to scale and grow your business with an advanced suite of integrated business solutions created with cutting-edge technology. Sharp Brains develops the most robust and efficient procedures at a lot more affordable price than cloud-based technologies. Businesses involved in automobile leasing, rentals, dealerships, and workshop management can benefit from Sharp Brain’s automotive ERP and CRM software solutions. Pre-delivery inspection (PDI), final delivery, and data synchronisation for inventory, logistics, and financial accounts and billing are all tasks that their robust DMS systems enable them to handle the entire prospect journey.
Focus 9

Focus 9 is the best ERP programme for real-time analytics optimisation and future-proofing your automotive industry. With Focus 9, there are only opportunities for increased performance. Many ERP software programmes result in a waste of time and resources.

You can integrate, automate, and modify your information on a single platform. Focus 9 separates all data types into a web-based architecture and contains industry-ready templates. You may have everything on a single platform without feeling overloaded. It is clear, succinct, and helpful.

Centra Auto

The Centra Auto programme streamlines your interactions with consumers and effectively manages automotive customers.

Centra Auto ensures that every sale is lucrative by fusing cutting-edge technology with industry best practices. It is a full-featured vehicle management system that includes all significant industry verticals, such as auto sales, rentals, leases, workshops, and garages. Are you prepared to improve your business communications and grow? Find out more now.

Automotive ERP Solution of SharpBarins

Cloud ERP driven by AI and speech has sophisticated security features and mobile functionality and is simple to use. CRM manages leads, customers, and workflows. Focus Customer service, back-office, finance, human resources, and many other administrative tasks can be automated using AI bots and machine learning engines.

Success Story
Focus 9 – AI Powered ERP Software 

AI and voice powered cloud ERP embedded with advanced security features, mobile capabilities and easy to implement. CRM – manage leads, customers and workflows. Focus AI bots and machine learning engines can automate customer service, back-office, finance, HR and many administrative operations.

Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS”

Application Category: “Business”

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