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AI Driven Warehouse Management System

Focus WMS delivers better outcomes while cutting costs across the board – software spend included. Our AI-driven WMS is always learning and never sleeps.

– an ideal cloud-based and integrated WMS
– Multi-industry software
– cloud-based inventory management system
– comprehensive software features
Sharp Brains is one of the finest cloud-based WMS software suppliers serving robust warehousing operations in 17 countries. Its Focus WMS is a process driven, AI-enabled warehouse management system.
Many large companies trust Sharp Brains because of the robust decision support systems and AI-driven automation that comes standardized with the company’s offerings for warehouse management system software UK.
All-Stop Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Sharp Brains pushes out Warehouse Management Software UK for digitizing all storage premises including 2PL and 3PL warehousing. Co-branded with Focus, the WMS is suitable for businesses managing warehouses, logistics, distribution, supply chain management, retail, and manufacturing.

It was designed as an ideal solution to suit warehouse operations that are evolving as a result of technological advancements. This system provides warehouse operators with a framework that may guarantee full compliance and streamline operations by combining tried-and-true conventional techniques with cutting-edge technology.

Focus WMS is an all-inclusive and advanced warehouse management software for stock management, automating stocking in tandem with an in-built order management system and procurement management suite.

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✓ Use a centric warehouse configurator ✓ SKU package definition ✓ Information system of Storer

✓ Customer purchase orders ✓ Advance shipment notice ✓ Receiving tally sheet, cross-dock

✓ Customer sales order pick list ✓ auto-allocated pick list, ✓ confirmation and delivery notes

✓ Maintenance of Barcodes, pallet IDs, batch numbers and expiry dates ✓ Multi bin- level tracking ( Aisle, location, rack )

✓ Protection at The User Level ✓ Protection at Admin Level ✓ Safeguarding Online Interactions

✓ Storer info reporting ✓ Stock detail reporting ✓ Report on Occupancy utilisation

✓ Purchase order ✓ Sales order ✓ Reports are available on the web

✓ Storer/storage type /SKU Billing ✓ Daily, weekly and monthly billing options ✓ By per pallet/CBM/weight/quantity Billing

Modular Benefits
Put and Pick
Create ease for customers and vendors by creating tailored logins and dashboards in one place—a one-stop view option for invoices, bills, and upcoming payments.
Customised Workflow
Our modern drag-and-drop interface in Focus 9 makes it simple to change your workflows. Complete workflow diagramming for all departmental procedures is now easier and quicker than ever.
Faster transfers
Focus WMS works with you at every process step, from quote analysis to built-in storage to batch and serial number monitoring.
Cycle Count
Our WMS provides an inventory auditing procedure so that a small subset of inventory at any specific location can be counted on a specified day.
The best Warehouse Management Software Powered by AI
The Focus Warehouse Management System improves operations while decreasing software expenses. Our WMS is powered by an AI that is continuously improving. Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and speech recognition, with built-in mobile capabilities, sophisticated security features, and simple implementation. Manage potential clients, existing clients, and process processes using customer relationship management software. Focus AI bots and ML engines can automate various back-office, financial, human resources, and administrative tasks.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS” Application Category: “Business”
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