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Advanced Warehouse Management Software & Logistics Management Software

Optimise warehouse and logistics to boost income with the cloud-based ERP solution of Sharp.

Digital transformation is mandatory now, not just a trend.
Partnering with advanced BI and AI will set your business apart.
Without an integrated and automated ERP solutions partner, your business face.
  • Redundancy
  • Inefficient processes
  • Lack of real-time insights
  • Poor communication and collaboration
  • Limited scalability
Sharp Brains can be your company’s operating system or seamlessly integrate. We offer Warehousing and Logistics ERP, CRM, TMS, and CAFM modules on one platform.
Sharp Brains can be your company’s operating system or seamlessly integrate. We offer Warehousing and Logistics ERP, CRM, TMS, and CAFM modules on one platform.

Discover how New Direction Aromatics uses Focus 9 to process hundreds of North American orders daily

Product Features

AI-driven—Ask AIVA (AI Virtual Assistant) anything via text or voice.

Mobile devices can handle primary warehouse duties.
Supply Chain Management and Financial Modules integrated well.
e-Commerce integration
With a robust, fully integrated BI tool, slice and dice inventory data.
Reservation/Assignment (Back-Order Allocation)
Sharp Brains delivers three cloud-based solutions essentials.
Fast drag-and-drop modifications
Affordable, high-value solutions
Multiple Integrations
Sharp Brains offers high-return warehouse and logistics software.
Sharp Brain’s ERP software for warehouses, linked with CRM, boosts business and processes. Your firm might benefit from a single sales-to-supply chain platform.
Focus WMS
Warehouse management software gives you and your staff the capabilities to strategically and tactically handle all warehouse demands. Sharp Brain’s WMS will increase order processing, responsiveness, and resource usage by connecting to your ERP system. A cloud-based warehouse management system may provide historical and current data for strategic planning, inventory accuracy, and better customer satisfaction.
Focus 9
Focus 9 is the best ERP software for improving and future-proofing your warehouse and logistics company with real-time data. Focus 9 lets you combine your warehouse and logistics CRM with other management systems for a single solution. Integrate, automate, and modify your data on one platform. Focus 9 converts data into a web-based architecture using industry-ready templates. Are you ready to implement swift and purposeful warehousing and logistics strategies? Discover more.
Gulf Craft a leading yacht manufacturer, used Focus ERP and mobile solutions from Sharp Brains to streamline their supply chain and customer experience.
ERP Solution for Warehousing & Logistics
AI-powered cloud ERP with mobile and sophisticated security features. Manage prospects, customers, and processes using CRM. Focus Customer care, back-office, finance, HR, and many administrative tasks may be automated by AI bots and machine learning engines.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS” Application Category: “Business”
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