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Cloud-based Modern Retail Management Software UK

SharpBrains creates retail management software solutions that boost businesses' efficiency, sales, and profits. Great tools for streamlining your retail business's day-to-day operations and streamlining your customers' purchases.

Integrated POS system

Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) and inventory management software make it simple to accept orders in-person and online. Customers like it when the checkout process can be brought to them using a tablet POS or when a touchscreen interface is accessible. The convenience of online shopping for both buyers and sellers results in a more significant number of successful transactions.

In addition to facilitating the omnichannel transformation of traditional brick-and-mortar stores, Focus 9 ERP and POS may facilitate establishing and managing digital counterparts.

The benefits of using Focus POS for businesses include the following:

  1. Take care of business for many locations at once and coordinate online orders
  2. Keep tabs on the stock
  3. Hold a close eye on key performance indicators.
  4. Guarantee happy customers by using safe and reliable ordering methods.
  5. Develop tracking and incentive systems based on customer loyalty to keep consumers coming back.

SharpBrains’s Retail Management POS Software lets employees serve customers and build genuine connections, the finest loyalty program.


Sharp Brains’ Focus 9 ERP is a flexible, modular retail management system allowing retailers to ensure a smooth customer experience across channels.
Integrated customer experience

Retail is competitive, and only a consistent consumer experience online and offline can secure success. Our ERP allows businesses to combine online and in-store purchases.

  • Track sales cycles.
  • Discover brand-customer interactions.
  • Coordinate sales team roles.
  • Integrate your online and offline stores.

Focus 9 ERP’s CRM boosts ROI with accurate statistics.

Smart HR

Retail is hard, and turnover will always be a concern. That’s why an automated HR life cycle solution is crucial to concentrate on your company instead of drudgery. Retailers may simplify human resources procedures using Focus 9 ERP.

Retail-focused ERP Helps in the following:
  • Streamline hiring and onboarding
  • API-powered job postings
  • Verify payroll calculations (with leave adjustments)
  • Effectively communicate internally and outside
  • Train and track employees quickly.
  • Biometric and geolocation attendance
  • Online scheduling and leave requests

It helps retail stores evaluate their employees and make recruiting and training changes.

Focus 9 AI Powered ERP Solution for Retail Industry

Focus 9 ERP for Retail is a versatile, modular solution to retail management, so retail outlets can ensure that the user experience flows seamlessly from one channel to another. CRM – manage leads, customers and workflows. Focus AI bots and machine learning engines can automate customer service, back-office, finance, HR and many administrative operations.

Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS”

Application Category: “Business”

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