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Modern ERP system for school management software

Our ERP features improved efficiency, Enhanced data management, Better communication and collaboration, Improved student and faculty experience, and Increased financial control by providing advanced tools.

Focus 9 is the ideal school and college management software offered by Sharp Brains, enabling K–12 and higher education institutions to run business operations more productively and effectively.
improved efficiency

We are aware that a lot of commercial and educational functions overlap. It takes time and people resources to manage the information about students and their families, human resource choices, vendor management, and financial services. More time is available to workers and staff by streamlining such operations with an education ERP and CRM.

Using the Sharp Brains CRM, educational institutions can:

  • Keep up-to-date records of your correspondence with students, families, government agencies, and vendors.
  • standardise and improve processes
  • Manage both internal and external resources.
  • Control scheduling complexities
  • Automate procedures so that employee changes and calendars do not impact them.
Build collaboration

Create collaboration focus 9 ERP enables personnel from many departments to collaborate to conserve time and resources. For instance, student services can update data in the education CRM, and other staff members can use the information right away. Financial information for various programmes can be exchanged to help advisers and financial services work together to achieve programme goals within budget and with trustworthy vendors. Team members can share human resources information across departments to manage schedules and staff changes.

Sharp Brain’s education ERP promotes teamwork among participants by:

  • encourages information transparency and prevents duplication
  • produces better results for team objectives
  • aids teams in making decisions with greater assurance
Easily Customisable

Drag and drop adaptations for Focus 9 ERP allow for easy implementation without the need for coding expertise. With thousands of integrations available right out of the box, interoperability with the current apps is ensured to prevent process duplication. Because Focus 9 uses a RESTful API, integrations with established apps are quick and easy.

Focus 9’s ERP for education:

  • effortlessly integrates with many of the currently-used applications
  • is adaptable, taking into account the special requirements of both K–12 and higher education
  • is shockingly affordable, and we hope to revolutionise prices in the market.

Let us use Sharp Brain’s Focus 9 ERP to streamline the information and processes in your educational institution.

Success Stories
Focus 9:
AI and Voice Powered Cloud ERP Software Cloud ERP with improved security features, mobile functionality, and quick implementation. CRM manages leads, customers, and workflows. Focus AI bots and machine learning engines can automate back-office, financial, human resources, and many other administrative tasks.
Operating System: “Windows”, “OSX”, “Android”, “IOS” Application Category: “Business”
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