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Feature-Rich Enterprise Asset Management software

We make data analysis, maintenance planning, and asset tracking simple. You can boost your business by reducing expenses, improving decision-making, and increasing the value of assets with our IT asset management software.

The complete Asset Management Automation
With the help of assets management software CRM’s toolbox of expandable modules, you can automate every aspect of your company. It also integrates with your ERP and is available with Focus9 ERP, giving you access to a single platform to run your whole organisation.
Automation Capabilities
Automation of Marketing
Create email campaigns and monitor their performance
Sales Pipeline
Efficient tracking of sales of your clients and prospects
Detailed Tracking of customer’s contacts and interactions
Inventory and status tracking
Live and historical location tracking
Predictive Weather Analytics
Obtain weather forecast notifications to automate team and asset readiness.
AI Predictive Analytics
Make your predictive analytics for opportunity and risk.
AI Voice and Natural Search
Get the benefit of voice and natural type search to get information and reporting
Contract Management
Tracking of Store, assign and contracts
Contract Automation
Configure triggers and reminders based on contract provisions.
Vendor Management
Organise contracts and vendor contacts.
Vendor Self-service
Permit sellers to self-register, send invoices, and more
People Management
Organise your schedule, monitor your availability, and allocate jobs.
Automate Complex Pricing
Establish multi-currency, regional pricing, and automated price calculations
Utilizing Resources
Monitor asset efficiency and profitability
Comprehensive Cost Analysis
Analyse costs using the asset, person, time, fuel, and other factors
Automating Taxes
Calculate tax based on state, federal and other standards
Calendar and Email Integrations
Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite
Unexpected Integrations
Thousands of pre-built connectors available through Zapier
Swift Integrations
Create integrations quickly using our RESTful APIs

Making Money Using Automation

If a business knows its clients, gives them a fantastic experience, can track costs down to the last penny, and can automate the procedures to support operations all the way through, it can be lucrative. We designed the Asset management CRM platform with this in mind.
Information Gathered through Real-Time Reporting
An informed decision is necessary. Better business decisions can be made with more precise information that is more readily available in real time. Because of this, it is simple to use the ATA data to generate reports based on Assets, Financials, Customers, People, Time, Fuel, and many other factors.
Since built-in applications are mobile responsive, you may access your data and workflows from your phone with them. You can even make your mobile apps.
Easy customization
Due to simple module installations and drag-and-drop modifications, no coding experience is required for the speedy implementation of Sharp Brains’s Asset management. Numerous interfaces are available as standard, ensuring compatibility with existing apps to prevent process duplication. Because it employs RESTful APIs, integrating it with established applications is quick and easy.
Sharp Brains subsidiary Centra Hub CRM and Centra Asset management software.
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Automation of Asset Management from start to finish
You can automate every aspect of your organisation with Centra Asset Management CRM, which integrates with your ERP. Automation of asset management from start to finish.
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