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How AI-Based ERP Makes Warehouse Management So Easier?

Have you wondered about the effectiveness of warehouse management software for your warehouse business? If Yes, and still looking for clarity, this 3-minute read will clarify your doubts about the effectiveness of WMS for your business. To understand the ins and outs of AI-based ERP for warehouse management system, let’s start with some basic notions /concepts of warehouse business. 

What is Warehouse management?

A well-run warehouse is essential for timely shipments and cost-effective operations of a business. The better the warehouse management of a business, the better operations and revenue of the business.     

The procedure that ensures that goods enter and exit your warehouse smoothly is called warehouse management. Logistics for incoming and departing cargo may be challenging for a developing company, but warehouse management streamlines and expedites the process effectively. A good warehouse management system covers every aspect of the process of warehousing management. This includes kitting, tracking, receiving, storing, picking, packing, labour management, yard and dock management and shipping and reporting.

The goal of warehouse management is to ensure that your warehouse’s operations work seamlessly. As a result, it also encompasses actions like performance monitoring, inventory planning, workflow design, and staff training. It assists businesses of all sizes to keep track of their fulfilment process, identify trouble areas and take appropriate action without obstructing input or outflow.

What is AI-based ERP Warehouse management?

By now, we have comprehended the role and function of warehouse management, but it is an incomplete understanding.  In the  fast- consumption world, only an AI-based ERP warehouse management system can effectively perform above mentioned actions, operations and processes. Therefore, it is better to understand what an AI-based ERP Warehouse management system is.

AI-based ERP Warehouse management is a software called warehouse management system that aids businesses in managing and controlling everyday warehouse operations from the time products and supplies enter a distribution or fulfilment centre until they leave. WMS software system provides real-time visibility into a company’s complete inventory and security control entry. It exits gates, receiving and dispatch docks, and storage locations in transit and warehouses. Hence warehouse management is a crucial part of supply chain management. A WMS provides solutions for resource utilisation, analytics, picking and packing procedures, inventory management, and more.

ERP warehouse management software that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) may include the following ten features:

  • Educated Predictive analysis:  By using AI to predict demand and manage inventory levels, businesses can reduce the likelihood of either overstocking or running out of goods.
  • Voice Authentication: By enabling employees to choose items hands-free using just their voices, voice assistants enabled by artificial intelligence may drastically increase efficiency in the warehouse.
  • Real-time tracking: IA-based warehouse management tasks and monitors Inventory and asset movement inside the warehouse in real-time. 
  • Auto-sorting: The AI-based ERP Improves efficiency and accuracy by automating the sorting of incoming and departing goods.
  • Effective quality control: AI-based ERPS for warehouses do quality control inspections and product grading, guaranteeing that only goods of the highest standard make it to consumers.
  • Maintenance Prediction: AI ERP foresees and avoids equipment breakdowns by studying past maintenance records and using trends.
  • Route monitoring: To save money on gas and time on the road, AI assists in route optimisation for delivery vehicles. 
  • Communicative Chatbots: AI-based ERP Warehouse management software responds quickly and individually to client enquiries, freeing human employees to concentrate on their core duties.
  • Spotting fraudulent activity: AI can help root out theft in the warehouse and stop it.
  • Tailored recommendations: AI ERP looks into a customer’s buying habits and provides suggestions based on those observations, leading to higher satisfaction levels and more purchases.

AI-based ERP Makes Warehouse Management Much Easier. 

By automating and streamlining warehouse operations, AI-based ERP warehouse management system improves and makes complex warehousing management easier and more profitable.  

 The significant advantage of modern ERP for warehouse management  systems is that it estimates demand and improves inventory levels. Consequently, it can handle a sudden fluctuation in demand or an unexpected shortage of a certain product. Thus, it improves warehouse management by stopping shipping delays and potentially leading to lost sales or customer dissatisfaction.  

AI-Based ERP also greatly influences warehouse management’s selection and sorting process- another profitable feature for warehouse management systems.  The system makes possible hands-free order picking for warehouse employees. Thanks to AI-powered voice assistants, which increases efficiency. Additionally, AI automates sorting incoming and departing cargo, increasing productivity and lowering the possibility of mistakes.

Besides selection and sorting, AI–based ERP assist in enhancing the tracking and supervision of goods and assets in the warehouse. Real-time monitoring provides insight into the whereabouts and condition of the stock, assisting in detecting possible bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Hence it makes warehouse management much easier for warehouse managers. 

In addition to these operational advantages, AI may increase customer satisfaction by making it more straightforward for clients to obtain information, monitor their orders, and offer tailored suggestions based on previous purchases.

Warehouse Management System As a Holistic Solution for Your Warehouse Business

The warehouse business has multiple tasks, from storing products, purchasing goods from a manufacturer, keeping those items in the warehouse, and delivering them to another location for fulfilment.

Hence, it becomes integral that WMS must functions holistically for your warehouse business.  

A good warehouse management systemcovers the following operations to provide optimal performance.  

With a good WMS, all operations, from receiving and storage to picking, packing, and shipping, can flow into and out of the warehouse and affect the extended supply chain. The following ways in which a warehouse management system’s basic features help these operations.

Inventory Management System

Real-time visibility into an organisation’s inventory across all locations, including goods in stores and those in transit, is made possible through warehouse management software because modern warehouse softwares has an in-built inventory management software. It offers tracking data by using automated identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies, such as barcodes or RFID. Additionally, many systems include cycle counting, demand forecasting, and insights into product and vendor performance utilising advanced analytics. With the help of  Inventory management system’s insights, businesses can quickly adjust inventory levels to meet customer demand, whether they are shopping in person or online by warehouse inventory management software

Logistics Management System

A WMS can aid in streamlining and optimising order processing for delivery to customers and storing, handling, and moving items within the warehouse. Hence the in-built logistics management software of the advanced AI-based warehouse management system helps in the logistics of the business.  

Some specific ways in which a WMS can assist with logistics management system include:

  • Automating and tracking the receiving, putaway, and picking of goods within the warehouse
  • Providing real-time visibility into the location and availability of inventory
  • Generating reports and analytics on warehouse performance, including metrics such as order accuracy and processing times
  • Integrating with transportation management systems and other logistics software to support end-to-end supply chain visibility and management
  • Enabling the creation of efficient, cost-effective storage and retrieval strategies within the warehouse, such as by using techniques such as zone picking and wave picking

How SharpBrains is the Best Warehouse Management Software 

If you are struggling with an unexpected shortage of a certain product, security vulnerabilities, and potentially exposing sensitive company data, you need a SharpBrains ERP solution for warehouse management. 

Sharp Brains ERP provides multi-level customised solutions for configuration, local data and reporting. We ensure dynamic, user-centric, and analytical dashboards for our clients. Cross-functional and scalability are salient features of Sharp Brain’s ERP solutions. 

The cloud-based warehouse management software provides you with historical and current detailed information that can be used for strategic planning, inventory accuracy, and greater customer happiness for warehouse businesses.


Warehousing affects every business that sells products. Choosing the right warehousing solution can help save money, meet customer demand, and drive efficiencies. A modern warehouse management system can be the solution to your warehouse management bottlenecks because it not only solves issues of inventory but also logistics with its incorporated logistics management system.  Warehouse inventory management software can get you better results quickly. 

You can trust SharpBrains Warehouse Management Software as your ERP partner.

If you want to improve the business performance of the warehouse industry, Sharp Brains can help.


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