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Upgrade Your Business With Contract Management ERP Module

Our ERP systems provide a powerful contract management module, which can handle the entire workflow and contract process. The advanced features of Focus 9 ERP enable managers and business owners to stay ahead of their competitors and identify the next key step in their business strategy.

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From contract quotation to contract auto-generation, contract dispatch, SLAs, invoicing and billing, contract management module provides you with one central source of information for tracking the status of each contract in real time through a web-based ERP framework. The contract management module of ERP systems is also integrated into other modules including the operational / fixed asset module, the the inventory module, the procurement module and the human resource management module.

“By integrating the contract management module into the ERP system, business operations can reduce communication errors and assist you in tracking relevant metrics such as developing actionable insights.”

BIG Benefits Of Having Contract Management Module

Quotations: Standardize your quotation structure, including pricing, discount and approval policies; and send them directly to the customers. This will allow you to handle quotes more quickly by streamlining the preparation of quotations. Quotes are translated automatically into orders without having to recheck the data to streamline the order phase.

Booking & Registration: Manage all terms of the contract such as complete payments, installment-based payments, booking terms and agreement. This feature help owners to easily maintain the booking and registration process of various business departments.

Lease Contracts & Invoicing: The contract management module is automated to monitor the lease start and end dates and trigger renewals, terminations through predefined rules. It is capable of handling of lease contracts & billing operations. It also helps in generating contract expiry and renewal reports.

SLA Management: Defining SLAs shall ensure that the service governance principles are followed. Classify parameters for service requests such as initial responses and contractual rates. ERP software is designed to be highly customizable in order to have a cascade-down effect on individual tasks, vendors and consumers.

Planned and Preventive Management: Create schedules for planned and preventive management over different contract periods and monitor them using SLA tools.

Operational Effectiveness: The ERP system tracks important information such as dates and provides automated reminders and features that allow users to schedule notifications when necessary by eliminating the manual process.

Other Supporting Modules

Our ERP solutions are well-equipped with robust business ERP modules that can manage the entire business process with ease.

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Contract Management ERP Software – FAQs

What is Contract Management ERP Software?

Contract Management ERP Software is an automation tool that helps businesses automate the entire process of contract management. It automatically generates required contracts based on user-defined criteria, sets reminders about expiring contracts, provides updates about existing and upcoming contracts, and also integrates with other core business management solutions such as accounting for seamless billing and invoicing.

What are the features of Contract Management ERP Software?

The core features of Contract Management ERP Software include quotations, bookings & registrations, lease contracts, invoices, SLA management, planned and preventive maintenance, and other tools for operational effectiveness.


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